Create a New Alert: Circle

Draw a circle by clicking at the point where you would like the center, then drag to increase the size.

Create a New Alert: Polygon

Create a polygon by clicking each point, then close it by clicking again on the first point.

Create a New Alert: ZIP Code

Create a ZIP code alert by entering the ZIP code or city in the box below:


Get in touch with Wherefire.

Want more information about Wherefire, or do you have a feature suggestion or potential partnership product? Get in touch.

Wherefire is still in Alpha release, meaning that we aren't yet working with self-service publishers. In order to make sure your web site is ready-to-go when Wherefire is moved into public beta, all you'll need is an RSS feed and the desire to make your content geo-aware. Wherefire will also be supporting the GeoRSS standard and Facebook's <og:location> and GeoPoint tags for sites that already geotag their content.

If you're interested in being added to the list of partner sites for Wherefire's public beta when the time comes, please email us at the address above.